VALERIAN: Uses, Side Effects, Interactions and Warnings

Valerian Root

May 8, 2017 Miljan Krcobic 0

What is Valerian root? Valerian root, (Valeriana officinalis, family Caprifoliaceae) is a perennial flowering plant, with sweetly scented pink heads or white flowers that bloom […]

Tamsulosin Uses, Dosage & Side Effects


May 5, 2017 Miljan Krcobic 0

What is tamsulosin? Tamsulosin is a generic name for a drug belonging to the group of alpha-blockers which helps for muscle relaxation in the bladder […]

Imodium - Uses, Dosage and Side Effects


May 1, 2017 Miljan Krcobic 0

What is Loperamide? Loperamide is a Generic name for a long-acting synthetic antidiarrheal drug. This drug works by slowing intestinal motility via opioid receptor and […]

Bisacodyl Suppository

Bisacodyl Suppository

April 28, 2017 Miljan Krcobic 0

What is Bisacodyl Suppository? Bisacodyl is an organic compound (Compound that contains mainly carbon) that is used to stimulate intestine action and loosens the stool. […]

Benazepril: Indications, Side Effects, Warnings


April 26, 2017 Miljan Krcobic 0

What is Benazepril? Benazepril is a Generic name from the class of ACE inhibitors. Benazepril is used to treat high blood pressure. It may be […]



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What is Benzonatate? Benzonatate is a generic name for a cough suppressant drug, previously termed non – specific antitussive drug, which uses pharmacologic agents that act […]