What is Obstipation? ‎Signs and Symptoms of Obstipation · ‎Abdominal Symptoms


April 21, 2017 Miljan Krcobic 0

What is Obstipation? Obstipation is a medical condition, which refers to the inability of the patient to pass faecal matter and/or gas. It is chronic […]

What is Brontophobia


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What is Brontophobia? Brontophobia, also known as astraphobia, astrapophobia, ceraunophobia, tonitrophobia, or nicaduranaphobia is an abnormal fear of thunder and lightning. It is a type […]

What is the medical term for pus in the urine


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What is Pyuria? Pyuria is associated with Urinary tract infection (UTI). It is a condition in which excess of white blood cells or pus is […]