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3 Mistakes You’re Making When Exercising In the Heat

Last reviewed by Drug Expert on July 25th, 2019.

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It’s not exactly a secret that America is in the middle of an unbelievable heatwave right now. Nearly every state is experiencing higher temperatures than ever before and people aren’t sure how to cope. Some areas are reaching temperatures above 110 degrees! It feels impossible just to run everyday errands in heat like this, let alone do anything else.

So how do people get in any exercise at times like these? Working out can be exhausting even in the best of conditions, but in the sweltering heat it can be unbearable. It can also be dangerous. Exercising in the heat puts you at major risk for heat stroke, which can quickly result in coma or death. This is why it’s extremely important to make sure that you are taking all the precautions and caring for your body if you are going to be working out in hotter temperatures.

To make sure that you stay on track with your fitness – and keep yourself safe – you will want to avoid these three mistakes people commonly make when exercising in the heat:

1. Not Staying Hydrated

Inadequate hydration is the biggest mistake that people make when they exercise in the heat. If you’re going to be doing your workout in extreme temperatures, you have to make sure that your body is properly hydrated in order to avoid heat stroke and dehydration. Typically, the recommended amount of water per day is 6 to 8 glasses. However, this needs to be increased in the extreme heat. It is recommended that you drink about 10 glasses of water if you’re going to be out in high temperatures. It’s also important to not exceed this by too much, as it is still possible to over-hydrate and suffer water intoxication.

mistakes you make exercising in the heat

2. Wearing the Wrong Workout Clothes

Your workout attire makes all the difference when it comes to exercising in extreme temperatures. Too many people wear the wrong clothing when working out and it will only make them more uncomfortable and put them at risk for heat stroke. It’s important to wear very light clothing that is made of breathable fabric. Dark clothing absorbs heat and will keep your body temperature up. Clothing that is too tight will also make you feel warmer and cause discomfort. Opt for workout clothes that are loose-fitting and light in color.

mistakes you make exercising in the heat

3. Exercising At the Wrong Time

Timing is everything when it comes to working out in the heat. There are certain points in the day when it is warmer than other times. This typically falls in the early to mid afternoon. It is recommended that you get your workout in either early in the morning, before 11AM, or late in the evening, after 7PM. These times are significantly cooler than the hours in the middle of the day.

mistakes you make exercising in the heat

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