How Can You Stop Night Sweats?

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Have you ever woken up with the bedsheets absolutely drenched? Are your pajamas sticking to your skin when you get up in the morning? Almost every person will suffer from night sweats at some point in their life. Many cases of night sweats are due to an underlying condition, such as lymphoma or hormonal imbalances. Some cases are caused by prescription medications. In other instances, night sweats are caused by lifestyle factors.

People who have night sweats caused by lifestyle factors should actually consider themselves lucky – these night sweats can be remedied! Changing certain habits and behaviors can help you eliminate night sweats, so you won’t have to wake up with soaked pajamas or wash your sheets every day! Check out four things you can do to eliminate night sweats:

1. Quit Smoking

By now you know all the health problems that smoking can cause. Smoking can lead to cancer, heart failure, and many other issues. On the less serious side, it can also lead to night sweats. Obviously, you should quit smoking to avoid those dire health conditions, but eliminating night sweats in the process won’t hurt!

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2. Reduce Stress

Being overly stressed makes you way more likely to experience night sweats, so reducing the amount of stress in your life can help significantly. Obviously we can’t avoid all stress in life. There will always be a certain amount of stress, no matter what. With that said, reducing unnecessary stress can help get rid of night sweats. Trying things like yoga or meditation can help reduce your stress levels as well as help you to develop ways to cope with stressful situations.

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3. Avoid Excessive Drinking

Excessive alcohol consumption has been shown to increase the odds of experiencing night sweats. It’s okay to have one or two drinks every now and then, but anything more is likely to have your sheets soaked. Cut back on your drinking, and you’ll notice a major change in how well you sleep and dry you wake up.

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4. Change the Environment

One of the best ways to prevent night sweats is to make changes to your sleeping environment. Setting the thermostat just a few degrees lower can make a huge different in terms of sweating at night. Sleeping with lighter blankets can help keep your body temperature down throughout the night. Even wearing lighter pajamas can make a major different in terms of how much you sweat while you’re sleeping!

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