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Vitamin B12 with Multivitamin, B complex, Vitamin D and Vitamin C

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Is it OK to take Vitamin B12 with a multivitamin?

The human body requires all essential vitamins and minerals to perform all bodily functions properly, therefore, poor diet and certain medical conditions laid the patients toward multivitamin supplementation. Most of the multivitamin supplements contain all essential vitamins and minerals including vitamin B12.

Therefore there is no chance of interaction between different vitamins and minerals. You can take vitamin B12 with a multivitamin because they cannot interact. Although vitamin B12 is considered as a very safe vitamin with lowest possible toxicity concerns but you must take care of its dose.

If you are taking vitamin B12 in multivitamin and solely vitamin B12 supplement as well, so, it can increase the RDA. Therefore you must consider it while taking both supplements together.

Generally, it is not necessary to take vitamin B12 with multivitamin supplements because maximum multivitamin supplements contain a higher percentage of RDA. The best way is to balance your nutritional needs by healthy diet if you are healthy.

For healthy individuals, total RDA of Vitamin B12 from both supplements must not exceed 2.4 mcg per day however in the case of vitamin B12 deficiency, pregnancy, lactation and some disease you must take the doses of both supplements as prescribed by the doctors.

Can I take Vitamin B12 and B complex together?

Vitamin B complex is a complex of eight B vitamins including B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, and B12. These all are found naturally in our diet and help the body in energy production and RBCs formation. While taking vitamin B complex you are already taking vitamin B12 but if you want to take both vitamin B12 and Vitamin B complex then there is no harm.

It is advised to start both vitamins after consulting a physician because the physician can decide the right dose of vitamin B complex and B12 because while taking individual vitamin B complex at different doses result in an imbalance in blood levels of all components of vitamin B complex. It can cause health issues because all vitamins work together to perform perfect body functions.

Excess of one vitamin and deficiency of other vitamin is not good for health. For normal individuals, the combined use of vitamin B complex and B12 has no interaction and side effects if you maintain the dose of vitamin B12 in both supplements.

People with RBCs abnormalities must take both vitamins after consulting a doctor. Similarly, Vitamin B12 can damage the optic nerves of a person suffering from Leber’s disease so never forget to talk to a doctor before starting any supplement.

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Can I take Vitamin B12 and D together?

It is safe to take vitamin D and B12 together because there is no drug interaction in the literature about this combination. Vitamin D is naturally synthesized by the human body when it is exposed to light and foods also have a good content of vitamin D. rather there are a number of foods that contains both nutrients vitamin B12 and if nature has combined them in the same source than there is no danger in taking both together.

Vitamin D is necessary for the absorption of calcium and phosphorous in the body and provides muscle strength. Low level of vitamin D in the body may lead to osteoporosis or weaker bones that are due to poor absorption of calcium to the bones.

So whenever you are deficient in vitamin D level you have to check calcium levels as well. There is no direct correlation of vitamin B12 and vitamin D in the body but both of them are vital nutrients that are must have the normal working of the human body.

While taking both vitamins together you must closely monitor the dose of vitamin D. you must only follow the dose of both vitamins that has been prescribed by the doctor because vitamin D does largely depend on the individual’s weight and blood level of vitamin D in the human body.

Can I take Vitamin B12 with Vitamin C?

Your body depends on certain vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and active. You are taking vitamins on daily basis from your food and healthy diets are rich in nutrients including more than one vitamin.

Vitamin B12 belongs to Vitamin B complex family, they are cobalamin chemically. Vitamin C is also termed as ascorbic acid that is water soluble and crucial for internal health and external appearance of the human body. It is necessary for health and growth of your bones and skin.

There is the controversial outcome when you will take vitamin B12 and Vitamin C together. So it is better to have a gap between both supplements. You should take vitamin C supplements two hours after vitamin B12 supplements because there are chances of reduced absorption of vitamin B12 in the stomach when you take it with vitamin C.

This negative interaction has been observed when vitamin C was taken at higher doses such as more than 500 mg along with normal doses of vitamin B12.

Vitamin C can also destroy the vitamin B12 present in certain foods therefore while taking vitamin C we can encounter vitamin B12 deficiency. Vitamin C has also a controversial role in increasing the vitamin B12 excretion from the body.

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