Focalin vs Adderall

differences between focalin vs adderall

What is Focalin? What is Focalin used for? Focalin is a Brand name of a medicine that contains dexmethylphenidate as an active ingredient. Dexmethylphenidate is a dextrorotatory (right-handed) stereoisomer of … Leia mais

Buspirone Vs Xanax

difference between buspirone and xanax

What is Buspirone? What is Buspirone used for? Buspirone is a Generic name for prescription medicine that works by affecting brain chemicals that may be unbalanced in patients with anxiety … Leia mais

Oxycodone Vs Percocet

difference between oxycodone and percocet

What is Oxycodone? Oxycodone is a Generic name for an opioid pain reliever drug that is used to treat moderate to severe pain. This drug belongs to the group of … Leia mais

Claritin Vs Zyrtec Vs Allegra

difference between claritin d allegra d and zyrtec d

What is Claritin? What is Claritin used for? Claritine is a Brand name for an antihistamine drug that contains loratadin as an active ingredient. It reduces levels and effects of … Leia mais

Kaopectate vs. Pepto-Bismol

can i take kaopectate and pepto bismol

What is Kaopectate? What is Pepto-Bismol? Kaopectate is oral medicine that is used for mild diarrhea treatment. It can be also used for the treatment of indigestion, stomach ulcers and … Leia mais

Lamisil vs. Lotrimin

Are Lamisil and Lotrimin the same?

What is Lamisil? What is Lotrimin? Lamisil is a Brand name for an antifungal medication that contains terbinafine as an active ingredient. This medicine fights infections that are caused by … Leia mais

Metadate vs. Adderall

vicodin and advil together safe

What is Metadate? What is Adderall? Metadate, or Metadate CD, is a Brand name for a central nervous system stimulant drug that contains methylphenidate as an active ingredient. Methylphenidate affects … Leia mais

Lantus vs. Levemir

Which is Better, Lantus or Levemir?

What is Lantus? What is Levemir? Lantus is a Brand name for a man-made hormone product form called insulin glargine. It works by lowering glucose levels in blood. It is … Leia mais

Symbicort vs. Advair

Symbicort vs. Advair

What is Symbicort? What is Advair? Symbicort is a Brand name for an inhalation aerosol preparation that contains a combination of 2 active substances: budesonide and formoterol. Budesonide is a … Leia mais

Flonase vs. Nasonex

which is stronger flonase or nasonex

What is Flonase? What is Nasonex? Flonase is a Brand name for a nasal spray containing fluticasone as an active ingredient. Fluticasone is a corticosteroid drug that prevents the release … Leia mais