Can I take expired NyQuil products

What are the different products of NyQuil

It is a brand manufactured by VICKS Gamble & Procter which is over the counter product intended for relief of various symptoms of common cold. All medication  contains three main ingredient sedating antihistamines, hypnotics and/or alcohol.

This intended to before sleep. It has different range of products of this kind of symptoms. The products are discussed later and listed below with its labeling.

  1. NyQuil Cold & Flu nighttime relief Liquicaps .
  2. NyQuil Cold & Flu nighttime relief Liquid.
  3. NyQuil SEVERE Cold & Flu relief nighttime.
  4. NyQuil Cough Suppressant.
  5. NyQuil SEVERE Cold & Flu Caplets.
  6. Alcohol Free NyQuil Cold & Flu nighttime relief liquid.

Can I take expired NyQuil Products

No, according to the manufacturer you cannot use NyQuil products after the date of expiration. After expiry manufacturer no longer guarantee’s safety and efficacy of the product, till this date manufacturer guarantee 100% safety, efficacy and potency of the drug.

But that does not mean that the drug from the product is no longer good and effective to provide its biological effect the only things is it may start reducing its efficacy after its expiry by the time. But it still has its action potential which is reduced after expiry. But the shelf life of the product shows the actual expiry of the product.

Yes, you can take it for minor symptoms like headache, running nose, etc and can check what happens after it. But before you use it you should keep some points in mind like physical appearance, time between actual use and manufacture date as well as if it is life saving drug and used for maintenance treatment you should not use it.

Can I take NyQuil Cold & Flu nighttime relied Liqui Caps

It contains :

  • Pain reliever /fever reducer: Acetaminophen 325mg
  • Cough suppressant : Dextromethorphen HBr 15mg
  • Antihistamine : Doxylamine succinate 6.25mg

Yes,if you can use expired NyQuil if it is found in proper physical appearance , stored in proper conditions ( room temperature not freezes ), it has the same hardness and tensile strength, no foul order, and most importantly it should not be life saving drug or maintenance therapy.

No, if the liqui caps are found open and not stored under ideal conditions it should not be used. It should not be used if liqui caps have got softer and have foul smell. Do not use if is life saving drug other used for common symptoms like headache, running nose, etc. Also it should be not be used if it is maintenance dose.

Can I take NyQuil Cold & Flu nighttime relief liquid

It contains:

  • Pain reliever / Fever reducer: Acetaminophen 650mg
  • Cough suppressant: Dextromethorphen HBr 30mg
  • Antihistamine: Doxylamine succinate 12.5mg


  • Adults and children’s of 12 years and over: 30ml every 6 hours.
  • Children’s 4 to under 12 years: Ask doctor.
  • Children’s under 4 years : do not use.

No, I suggest not to use liquid formulations after expiry cause this are the most unstable formulations than comparable to tablets and capsules and other solid dosage forms. The degrades at faster rate then solid dosage forms also if they are left open for more time they may provide favorable conditions like moisture and temperature for microorganism growth.

Yes, you can take it in emergency and you don’t have any options then check for this things stored in proper storage conditions seal pack, The liquid is uniform not separated in formulations, no foul smell and no discoloration.

However, this medications are available as over the counter products and are easily reachable and inexpensive in cost.

Can I take NyQuil SEVERE Cold & Flu nighttime relief Liquid

It contains;

  • Analgesic/ antipyretic: Acetaminophen 650mg
  • Cough suppressant : Dextromethorphen HBr 20mg
  • Antihistamines: Doxylamine succinate 12.5mg

No, I suggest you not to take expired liquid dosage from as they are highly unstable and degrade at faster rate .

Yes, you can if found in proper storage and physical conditions and also check for the actual time of use from the date of manufacturing till the last use date.

Can I take NyQuil Cold & Flu nighttime relief Caplets

It contains:

  • Pain reliever/ fever reducer: Acetaminophen 325mg
  • Cough suppressant: Dextromethorphen HBr 10mg
  • Antihistamines: Doxylamine succinate 6.25mg
  • Nasal decongestant : Phenylephrine HCL 5mg

Yes, you can take it if following conditions are maintained:

  • Proper storage conditions: Room temperature is the ideal temperature for its storage.
  • Closure system: It should be sealed or packed under blister packing and should not be left open.
  • Physical appearance: It should be in its original conditions. like it should have same hardness, color should not be faded.
  • Lenght of time: exact date of manufacturing and its use after expiry.

No, you cannot use the medication if the above stated points are not matched. Please do not use it.

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